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Stop Curbstoning

What’s Curbstoning?

Curbstoning is when people engage in the illegal business of buying and selling automobiles without the necessary license and permits. Curbstoners may sell cars on the side of the road, in business parking lots, or online. This behavior is frustrating, and unlawful. As a consumer, buying a car from a curbstoner means you could end up with a vehicle with undisclosed damage, non-operating air bags, flood damage, or faulty mechanics.

How to identify a Licensed Car Dealer:

1. Ask to see their dealer’s license. Licensed dealers have gone through a lengthy education process including a background check, they are happy to show proof of their license.

2. Licensed Dealers operate from a permanent business location, not from a parking lot or the side of the road.

3. Look for the business sign. Licensed dealers will have a professional sign installed which is visible from the road and includes days and business hours of operation.

Watch this video to learn more about how Curbstoning affects consumers.

For Dealers

FIADA has made it a priority to combat curbstoning. It is not fair for licensed dealers to have to compete with illegal curbstoners. Follow these procedures to report curbstoning in your area. Be sure to include the location, dates, and name or telephone number displayed on the vehicle.


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What is curbstoning? Curbstoning is an unlicensed vehicle deal. A person who sells vehicles on the street or “at the curb” instead of at a dealership location could be “curbstoning."
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