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Legislative Issues

2018 Legislative Session
January 9 – March 9, 2018

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Use this online form to enter either your mailing address (returns the most accurate results) or zip code. Every member should learn their Senator and Representative(s) – we need you to encourage them to support FIADA supported legislation. (Please note that due to your dealership location you may have relationships with more than one Senator or Representative; if so, communicate with all of them!)


2018 Legislative Wrap Up

The 60th day ended when the House adjourned at 10:45 pm Friday, March 9, but lawmakers still had to approve the budget. Both chambers adopted a resolution to extend the session until 11:59 pm Sunday.  Only the budget, budget implementing and conforming bills, and the tax package were included in the resolution, so all other pending bills died Friday night, including a bill that would have redefined the statute for franchise dealers.  There were no public meetings on Saturday and lawmakers went back into session at 3:00 pm Sunday and passed the budget and tax bills.

There were 3,193 bills filed in 2018 and only 200 passed. That is the fewest number of bills passing since 2001. That's both good and bad. Typically bills get piled on creating train legislation. We saw that with the transportation and dealer bills. 

Session began with efforts being placed on hurricane relief and nursing home legislation. Not to mention all the allegations of sexual harassment, reports of affairs, hidden cameras and private investigation leading to three resignations in the Senate. After February 14, the Legislature’s focus shifted with the tragedy that occurred at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland. School safety and gun control became a focus with marches at the Capitol and meetings with the Governor and President. SB 7026 was passed early on and signed into law on March 9. 

FIADA was closely monitoring HB1 and HB 7055. These bills contained the number one priority of the House Speaker, the Hope Scholarship fund. This effort is funded by tax credits with the sale of cars. HB 7055 passed and was signed into law on Sunday. It becomes effective July 1, 2018. We will provide further information as the procedures and forms are finalized.

Some of the bills on the agenda this year included changes in the dealer definitions, towing, minimum wage, business rent tax, transportation, autocycles, and vehicle insurance.

Watch for the April issue of the Independent Dealer Magazine for an in depth report.