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Legislative Issues

2020 Legislative Session
January 14, 2020 – March 19, 2020

Find My Legislator

Use this online form to enter either your mailing address (returns the most accurate results) or zip code. Every member should learn their Senator and Representative(s) – we need you to encourage them to support FIADA supported legislation. (Please note that due to your dealership location you may have relationships with more than one Senator or Representative; if so, communicate with all of them!)


2020 Legislative Wrap Up

FIADA monitored over 30 bills during session. Thank you to Sandra Mortham, FIADA Lobbyist for diligently watching for amendments and keeping us up to date on our issues. Also, a huge thank you to Dino Mercurio (Legislative Chair), Jim Winterick, Sr. (President) and Rob Sickles (General Counsel) for always being around at a moment’s notice to review amendments.

The big issues this session were abortion, the budget, coronavirus, education, the environment, healthcare and immigration to name a few. Though many died, we monitored bills like an increase in the minimum wage, specialty license plate fees, insurance changes, a towing bill, education scholarship funds like the HOPE scholarship, causes of action for motor vehicle dealers, business rental tax and corporate taxation.

Thank you to all the dealers that were able to call and email their legislators about HB 133, Towing and Immobilizing Vehicles and Vessels. We were able to have lienholders removed. This legislation that prevents counties or municipalities from enacting ordinances that impose costs or penalties on persons in control. There was a provision that was stricken that would have allowed tow companies to not be mandated to accept credit cards, but that was stricken from the final verbiage. This doesn’t mean that towing companies cannot be cash only. The effective date for this bill is October 1, 2020.

HB 977, Motor Vehicle Dealers, is a bill that revises the definition of “rental company” to exclude certain motor vehicle dealers for the purpose of determining insurance minimum insurance coverage requirements; provides specified motor vehicle dealers & affiliates are immune to causes of action and not vicariously or directly liable for harm to persons or property under certain circumstances; provides specified motor vehicle dealers & affiliates are not adjudged liable in civil proceedings or guilty in criminal proceedings under certain circumstances. Effective Date: July 1, 2020