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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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Online Registration FAQ:

How do I register online for an FIADA Training Class or FIADA Event?

To sign up for a class, you must first sign-in or create a free non-member account. A complete list of our upcoming events are available on the Event Calendar.

Have an account? Login here.

Need to create an account? Create a FREE nonmember login account.

When do I need to take Continuing Education?

DMV requires that all Florida Dealers renew their Continuing Education credit every two years. If you last took a C.E. course in 2012, you must complete another class by April 30, 2014. We offer both C.E. and Title & Registration classes in-person and online.

All online C.E. courses are free for FIADA members. To join FIADA, click here or call us at 850-385-2712.

Who is required to complete continuing education?

Dealers holding a VI or independent dealer’s license are required to complete continuing education credit every two years. An owner, partner, officer, director or a full-time employee with a responsible management-level position may take the course for CE credit. Dealers who fail to renew their license by April 30th will no longer be able to operate legally.

Is FIADA an approved provider of continuing education and pre-license education?

Yes, FIADA is an approved and licensed provider of continuing education and pre-license education by the department of motor vehicles and was the first licensed dealer training school.

What else is required to renew my dealer’s license? For the dealer license renewal application and list of requirements, please visit:

Where can I find my old class certificates?

To view a certificate from a previous class, login here:

For complete step-by-step instructions for printing your certificate, click here.

When is the next Pre-License course?

FIADA offers in-person Pre-License classes in Orlando, Ocoee, Tampa, Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Sarasota, Daytona, and Fort Lauderdale for $155 per person. We also offer an online Pre-License class for $199. You can see the upcoming class schedule here.

Who takes the Pre-License course?

One of the first steps in getting your dealers license involves taking a Pre-License class from a licensed dealer training school. The attendee must be an owner, partner, officer, director, or full-time management-level employee of the license. Some dealerships like to send two or more people to the classes, but you are only required to have one person take the course.

What information does the Pre-License cover?

Both the in-person and online Pre-License classes cover information on:

  • Dealer License Laws
  • Title and Registration Requirements
  • Tax Information For Motor Vehicle Dealers
  • Motor Vehicle Sales Finance
  • Federal Regulations
  • Emissions and Environmental Issues
  • Dealer Financial Operations
  • Dealer Resources

After the class, you will receive a completion certificate which must be submitted with your application to DMV. You will have 6 months to complete your application.

Which Pre-License class is right for me?

In-Person We get fantastic responses from the in-person Pre-License class attendees. Interacting with the instructor and other new dealers in a face-to-face environment gives you the opportunity to ask questions that you may not have thought of on your own.

Online Pre-License We typically recommend this class for people who do not live near one of our in-person locations or who have had a dealer's license previously. This class is self-motivated and you are required to complete the reading and take an online test on your own.

*A nonmember login is necessary in order to place orders or register for courses. It allows for updating contact information and tracking event registrations and orders. This account type is not eligible for dues paying member benefits. If you would like more information about becoming a member eligible for benefits of FIADA, please contact us: ; 800.237.0448