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Terms and Conditions

  1. AGREEMENT & BOOTH ASSIGNMENT – Contract is not valid unless paid in full.  Booths will be assigned by August 15, 2024 and exhibitor contact will be notified via email confirmation. 
  2. CANCELLATION – No cancellation shall be acknowledged unless received by FIADA’s Orlando office in writing.  All cancellations will be assessed a $50.00 administrative fee.  Should an exhibitor wish to cancel 60 days before the set-up date, a 50% refund will be made by FIADA; no refunds will be made for cancellation with less than 60 days’ notice.
  3. LITERATURE DISTRIBUTION – All literature must be distributed within the booth space assigned.  No materials may be placed on tables or chairs, attached to meeting space walls or ceilings or left in public placed or distributed in aisles, lounge areas or other exhibitor booths.  Items found in these places will be disposed.
  4. DAMAGE TO PROPERTY – Exhibitors are liable for any damage caused to building, floors, walls, columns or to standard exhibit equipment or to other exhibitor’s property.
  5.  FIRE AND SAFETY REGULATIONS – All local regulations will be strictly enforced and the exhibitor assumes all responsibility for compliance with such regulations.  Fire hose cabinets and exits must be left accessible and in full view at all times.  All disposable materials and decorations must be flameproof and subject to inspection.
  6. LIABILITY AND INSURANCE – Exhibitors are responsible for securing all necessary licenses or consents.  Exhibitor aggress to indemnify, defend and hold FIADA harmless and against any claim of consents.  Exhibitor aggress to indemnify, defend and hold FIADA harmless from and against any claim of liability and any incident or resulting loss, cost or damage for failure to obtain these licenses or consents.
  7. ELIGIBLE EXHIBITS – FIADA reserves the right to determine the eligibility of any company or products for inclusion in the convention and reserves the right to reject, evict or prohibit any exhibit in whole or in part, or any exhibitor, or his representatives, with or without cause.
  8. EXHIBITOR SETUP & BREAKDOWN – Early Breakdown Penalty: This contract is a binding exhibit agreement between the exhibiting company and the FIADA.  In signing this agreement, the exhibiting company agrees that its exhibit materials will be setup by the stated “Setup Time” of this contract. During expo hours, all materials and furniture must be maintained within the designated booth space. Also, by signing this contract, the exhibiting company agrees that no party will disassemble or “tear-down” exhibit materials before the aforementioned “tear-down” time. If exhibit materials are broken down without the consent of show management (FIADA) before the designated tear down time, the exhibiting company will be charged a $500.00 contract penalty.  This penalty will be invoiced to the company via the US Mail and the invoice will state the that charge is because of breach of contract by the early dismantling of the exhibiting company’s exhibit booth and/or materials.  If this penalty invoice is not paid and remains outstanding, the exhibiting company will not be allowed to exhibit at future FIADA conventions until the penalty invoice is paid in full.

The Sponsor has reviewed and agrees to abide by the conditions indicated in the Sponsorship Opportunities materials. Sponsor authorizes the use, publication, dissemination, and placement of its logos, trademarks, service marks, copyrighted materials, or any other materials it provides to the convention or its organizers for publication or use on or in connection with any written, audio, and video materials, advertisements, signs, website, or any other form of media. The Florida Independent Automobile Dealers Association reserves the right to reject or terminate this Application and Contract for Sponsorship at its sole discretion.

Early Bird Cut Off:

August 1, 2024