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CVR Update from FLHSMV

Update from 6/21/24


As you likely know, CVR (Computerized Vehicle Registration), an EFS/ETR provider in Florida, is currently unable to process transactions due to a cyber incident. Consequently, dealerships using CVR’s EFS/ETR platform have been temporarily taken offline. However, FLHSMV systems remain unaffected.


We anticipate impacted dealers will pivot to submitting title and registration transactions over the counter.  Impacted dealers will also need to utilize preprinted temp tags until CVR restores its systems.


There are currently over 100,000 preprinted temp tags in tag offices and dealerships and 16,000 in inventory at FLHSMV headquarters. FLHSMV ordered over 50,000 additional preprinted tags from our vendor yesterday.


Until CVR recovers, we have instructed tag office managers to provide a sufficient supply of preprinted temp tags to impacted dealers. Dealers should follow Procedure RS-31 for the issuance of offline preprinted temp tags. RS-31 requires that the issuance of preprinted temporary tags be reported to FLHSMV within one business day. For dealers impacted by the CVR cyber incident, this reporting requirement is extended from one to two business days.


Currently, there are 1,847 transactions from CVR dealers in EFS pending submission to a tag office. If you are a dealership using the CVR platform who wishes to cancel a transaction that is pending in EFS, please contact the following FLHSMV personnel:   


For dealers north of Tampa, please contact Lisa McNeal.


For dealers in Tampa and south of Tampa, please contact Eric Ladd:


Lastly, through July 5, 2024, tax collectors and license plate agents have been authorized, if necessary, to administratively issue a no-cost temporary tag to customers who purchased vehicles from a Florida dealership directly impacted by the CVR cyber incident.


FLHSMV stands ready to assist dealers during this difficult time. If you have any additional questions, please contact Brett Saunders, Chief of Dealer Services at or Victor Miller, Acting Chief of Issuance Oversight at


Bureau of Dealer Services

Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles